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Formatting Secrets: How to Compose Research Paper Title Page

When your teacher assigns you to write a research paper on any given topic, there’s something you need to do even before writing or even starting to research the project. You need to write the paper’s title page. After all, it does go in the front! But how should you go about formatting and writing the title page? Are there certain rules to follow? Continue reading to learn how to compose a research paper title page.

How to Compose a Research Paper Title Page:

  • First, you need to use a white 8 ½ x 11” paper for the title page unless otherwise instructed. Don’t get all fancy using other colors or sizes of paper to stand out unless your teacher gives you permission. It would definitely make you stand out, but unless the teacher is good with it, you’ll be standing out for the wrong reason.
  • Also, be sure to make 1-inch margins on all sides (the top and bottom included) of the paper. Same thing as the above here. Don’t get all fancy and try to change the margins unless your teacher says it is all right. It would look strange to have a paper with different margins.
  • Don’t forget to indent! You are supposed to indent each new paragraph’s first word a ½ inch. Doing this helps the whole paper look even more polished and put together.
  • It is most normal to use Times New Roman font, size 12. Again here, don’t try to get fancy by using a different font. If you have to be creative in your writing, be creative in how you write rather than with the formatting. If you’re dying to use another font, ask your teacher for permission.
  • It is suggested to double space the paper. Not only does this make it easier to read back over for you, but it will also make it much easier on your teacher. And, if your teacher wishes to make notes on your paper, it is quite a lot easier with the extra space to write.
  • Another thing you are supposed to include is something called a running head. Basically, what this is is simply the title of your paper at the top of every page. It should be in all capital letters.
  • Specifically, on your title page you should have, rather obviously, the title of the paper, the running head as mentioned, your name as the author, your affiliated institution, and an author’s note. The affiliated institution is wherever you conducted the research

As I mentioned, this is formatting for the APA guidelines for title pages. It is interesting to note that the MLA does not require a title page. However, required or not, when title pages are formatted correctly, they can lend an air of professionalism to a paper right at the beginning. A very valuable impression to give when you’re wanting to give a good expert appearance through your paper. Overall, just pay very close attention to the rules of formatting a research paper title page and you should be just fine. The information isn’t complicated, only specific.

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