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Ideas For Your Research Paper About Racism In Othello

Othello had been and still is, one of the most popular tragedies of Shakespeare. Readers have enjoyed reading the play because of the careful working of the tragedy. The play has been performed numerous times and has always vowed the audiences with the seriousness of its tragedy. Much has been written about the play in general. The particulars of the play like, characters, working of the plot and usage of language have been discussed extensively. Iago from Othello has been given the status of being one of the worst villains in the history of literature.
However, recently, Othello has come under the scanner for more social reasons. It is being scrutinized for the idea of racism that is portrayed in it. Othello was a dark moor and his downfall in the play, is to some extent due to his skin color. This can be an excellent topic for a research paper. You can analyze Othello through the looking glass of racism and also discuss about racism in general as part of the paper.

Some ideas if you are thinking about writing about racism in Othello.

  • A study of the character of Shakespeare’s Othello and his skin color as an integral part of bringing about his tragedy.
  • The character Iago in terms of a villain who manipulated Othello’s life because of his being a dark moor.
  • A study of the general mentality of the Elizabethan England towards non-whites as portrayed in Othello.
  • The biggest tragedy in Othello is the discrimination: analyze in terms of the play
  • Othello looks forward at mixed marriage and the consequences of such a marriage: analyze using the relationship of Othello and Desdemona.
  • A person’s color is not the only thing that defines them, it is how they live and died that matters: support the statement by analyzing the character of Shakespeare’s Othello.
  • Study the working out of the tragic plot by Shakespeare in his Othello by looking at it from the point of view of racism.
  • Shakespeare was way ahead of his times in portraying social causes that became an issue in the later centuries: support the statement by analyzing the racism portrayed in his play Othello.
  • The tragedy is not Othello’s own. It is a tragedy of every black person in imperial Britain.
  • Iago as a racist

These topics seem to be most suitable for a research paper on Othello and racism.

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