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Good Research Paper Topics To Explore

A research paper can be a detailed and lengthy project. If you are in a class where you get to pick your topic, you are rather lucky. Make sure that as you look for a topic, that you know if the paper is MLA, APA, or another form. Then look at your due dates and map out an organized plan. Here are some amazing topic ideas from different studies and fields.

Topics for a Research Paper (note some of these topics could be in more than one subject)


  • Math in the Kitchen
  • Fun Geometry at the Theme Park
  • How You use Algebra every Day
  • Modern Day Math Masters


  • Cutting down on Garbage Sites
  • Going Green
  • Is Wheat Really Evil
  • Buying a Hybrid Car
  • Genetically Modified Fruits and Vegetables
  • Do You Know what Additives are in Your Meats or Where they are from


  • Ipads and Schools
  • Social Media and Young people
  • Bullying-Has it Slowed Down and How or Why
  • The Best Apps
  • The cell Phone Revolution
  • What Comes after Tablets


  • Common Core Standards
  • Magnet Schools
  • Teacher Run Schools
  • The Genius Hour
  • Paying educators More Salary
  • School Security
  • Arming School Personnel

Social Studies

  • Police officers and Abuse
  • ISIS and the Spread
  • The Greece Financial Crisis
  • Gay Marriage Rights
  • Obama Care
  • The Weak US Grid System
  • School Shootings and how to Stop Them
  • The US Wars
  • France, the Friend of the United States
  • The Revolutionary War and King George
  • The Sons of Liberty
  • The Boston Tea Party
  • Trail of Tears
  • Nixon’s Shame
  • Clinton’s Shame
  • The Vietnam War
  • The US Relationship with Russia
  • The Czars of Russia
  • William the Conqueror
  • Queen Elizabeth I and her Reign

Fine Arts

  • Why the Subject Matters in the School System
  • Mozart, the Master
  • Rock n Roll
  • The Impressionists
  • Ballet and Russia
  • Guitars and the Different Ones
  • The Musicals of Broadway


  • Shakespeare, His Life, Times, and Works
  • Edgar Allen Poe and his Demons
  • The New Poets
  • Whitman and Lincoln
  • Old Man and the Sea and the Symbolism
  • The Free Verse
  • TS Elliot and His Naming of the Cats

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