LBC Rides from the Past - September 2005

Fairview Frolic (C) Sept 3
Riders: Jeff DeLong (leader), John Mullineaux, Rich Wagner, Rachel Kreider, Carl Kreider, John Gantz, Bill Crawford, Xenia Muniz, Claudia Blackburn, Kim Lausch, Matt London, John Peregoy, Celeste Neuhard, Dave Kessler, Steve Holland, John Renard, Candae Deen, Randy Haluck, Jim Wentz, Pearl DeLong, Nancy Youst, Roger Sheaffer, Heidi Hendrix, Bill Ressel, and Don Whitehead, and non-LBC member David Wentz.

East Pete West (D) Sept 3
It was a perfect day for a bike ride. We all had fun. Riders: Mike Riggi (leader), Carol Bowers (sweep), Matt Richard Ethan Richard, Jim Payton, Judy Hurlbut, Alan Hurlbut, Phil Wright, Linda Wright, Karen Drawbaugh, Chris Mayfield, Greg Mayfield, Andy Snyder, Tom Mellinger, Marianne Devlin, Janielle Willemin, Bob Camp, Barb Koppenhafer, Amy Mitchell, Alta Nolt, Harry Campbell, Judy Flowers, Marsha Chamberlain and Anne Schleef.

Witness Ride (C) Sept 5
Perhaps it was the great weather or perhaps it was the prospect of meeting a celebrity, either way we had a great turnout of riders. The latter group was disappointed to find out that "Harrison Ford" was vertically and follically challenged. The first stop was at the farm where the movie "Witness" was filmed. Several of us rode down the long farm lane for a closer look. The next stop was at the Red Caboose where we watched the Strasburg Railroad locomotive speeding down the track. Lunch was at Kitchen Kettle. The last stop was at the Bird-in-Hand Bakery (we love to eat and ride). The only negative part of the ride was when Judy hit a curb and rode "wheels up." It was a great ride despite the fact that the real Harrison never showed up. Maybe next time! Riders: Gary "Harrison Ford" Musser (leader), John Cardos, Dave Kessler, John Gantz, Steve Mazeski, Deborah Chu, Karen Wisniewski, Randy Haluck, Ed Gower, David Flowers, Valerie Rohrer, Brian Mitchell, Ed Fearnow, Bobbi Fearnow, Kolya Fearnow, Bill & Nancy Ambler, Flo Good, Harry Campbell, Judy Flowers, Rachel Kreider, Reuben Weaver, Rich Wagner, Tammie Calabrese, Gail and Steve Brainard, Jim Drumm and non-LBC member Austin Good.

Buena Vista Short (D) Sept 5
Riders: Steve Holland (leader), Michael Riggi (sweep), Brian Holland, Phil Wright, Linda Wright, Jim Payton, Karen Drawbaugh, Pam & Chris Klingensmith, Anne Schleef, Barb Koppenhafer, John Heymann, Jonas Fisher, Linda Weber, Carol Bowers, Steven Martin, John Rohrkemper, Alta Nolt, Toney DeNunzio, Maria, Pam Tronsor, and Tom Mellinger

Suburban Urban Assault (A) Sept 10
Another near perfect weekend for riding. The group stuck together until we hit the hills in the county park at 20 miles. From there the group broke apart into several packs with the lead pack averaging 20 mph. The leader performed sweep duties from the county park on, finishing alone with an average of 18 mph. Riders: Dirk Suereth (leader), Mike Lutz, Mark Buckwalter, Marlin Hess, Brian Sowatsky, Tom Hunt, Neil Fickes, Dale Burkholder, Scott Wagner, Barry Lavender, and Ken Lessans.

Ride to Bainbridge (B) Sept 10
Riders: Roger Sheaffer (leader), Dave Kessler, Rich Wagner, Bob Colton, Bill Ressel, Mark Ward, and non-LBC members Shane Crawford and Glenn Bastian. Ride to Manheim - Long (C) Sept 10 How lucky can we get to have perfect weather for biking. The new people will be back! Riders: Harry Campbell (leader), Janielle Willemin (sweep), Jonas Fisher, Amy Mitchell, John Gantz, Brian Winn, Tom Mellinger, Harold Fulmer, Rose Ward, Mary Stadden, Rachel Kreider, Carl Kreider, Randy Haluck, Ceci Good, and non-LBC member Elvin Shenk.

Nowhere In Particular Ride (A) Sept 11
The ride began as so many others I've been on this summer. Beautiful weather, lots of friendly riders chatting and not much traffic to speak of. However, around mile 15, I hit a very large lip at a bridge crossing sending me ever so slightly airborne. I could've tried to save it and probably crashed, but decided to go off into the tall grass and up the bank. I did so at about 25 mph. All was well with me and the bike, but this was an omen of what was to come later and it wouldn't be pretty. A couple riders waited to make sure everything was okay and by this time the fast riders were pretty much gone. Several miles down the road we caught up to them and stayed together as a pack until the rest stop. Four of us, including myself, stopped to refuel. I mostly wanted to check to make sure my wheels were still relatively straight. It wouldn't matter though because just a couple miles down the road on a descent, I was caught in a corner going just a little too fast. At around 30 mph I went off the road, smacked a log with my front wheel and went over the bars. Luckily my head smacking another log brought me to an abrupt stop. I'm sure this was quite a spectacle for Damon, who was right behind me, except still on the road. After doing a quick body check and finding only a few scratches and sore spots, I checked the bike. Not so good. Front wheel was bent badly and the tire was flat, rear wheel only slightly bent and the rear derailleur tweaked a bit. My helmet took a hard hit and is trashed. The other 3 riders I was with, Damon, Karen and Michelle stopped to help and we began trying to call for a ride. No signal. I began walking. Shortly thereafter a nice man in a pick-up truck stopped and gave me a lift to the top of the nearest hill to see if we could get a signal for our phones. The rest followed on their bikes. While I was waiting for the others to climb this rather large hill, I began to assess my bike. I put the chain back on and pulled the front wheel off. After Damon arrived, he and I stood on the wheel until it was straight enough that it wouldn't hit the fork any more. I put a new tube in and away we went wobbly wheel and all. After a few, very slow and careful miles, we stopped and tightened up all the loose and rattling spokes, which was enough to get us to Karen's house in Millersville, about 10 miles from the incident. From there, Michelle gave me a ride home. Thank goodness these other riders were with me and I thank them for all the help and time they gave. I never made it back to the start point at Manor Middle School and I certainly hope that everybody else finished in better shape than I did. Riders: Curtis Palmer (leader) Mark Buckwalter, Neil Fickes, Mike Lutz, Damon Schlott, Tom Hunt and non-members Karen Weissmann and Michelle Bote.

Stackstown Spin (B) Sept 11
Riders: Brian Mitchell (leader), Steve Gerber, Steve Mazeski, Randy Haluck, Tim Ihrig, Dirk Suereth, John Donati, Cindy Davis, Dave Kessler, Scott Wagner, Diane Lausman, and non-LBC members Dorothy Weber, Michelle Bingham, and Jamie Clinton.

Sundae At Caddy Shack (C) Sept 11
It was a picture perfect day for a bike ride! Everyone enjoyed ice cream at the Caddy Shack. Welcome to 2 first-time riders with the club, Dan & Don. Hope to see you again soon. Riders: Rachel Kreider (leader), Rodney Moseman (sweep), John Cardos, Dan Duda, John Gantz, Art Young, Pearl DeLong, Jeff DeLong, Ed Fearnow, Bobbi Fearnow, Kolya Fearnow, Carol Weisser, Jim Drumm, Joe Huchey, Mary Stadden, and non-LBC member Don Zerfoss

Bird in Hand Long (D) Sep 11
Beautiful sunny weather. Lots of buggies, sights and smells and road apples. Lost a chain in the covered bridge. Mechanic Jonas to the rescue and soon back on track. Riders: Phil Wright (leader), Dottie Sheehy (sweep), Linda Wright, Jim Payton, Anne Schleef, Pam Klingensmith, Amy Mitchell, Mike, Debi & Bevalee Tshudy, Jonas Fisher, Karen Drawbaugh, Cindy Snyder, and Steve Snyder.

Middle Creek/S. Mountain (B) Sep 17
Probably more than half did all 3 optional climbing courses as is described in the Reuben's Challenge cue sheet. Next year I plan to also include the words Reuben's Challenge in rides schedule. There were bicyclists who did ride next day, maybe because of 40 percent chance of rain (but it did not rain), other plans for Saturday and painted road arrows make it easy to do ride at any time. Comments heard: "This ride is fun, especially the downhills." "I'd rather do the roller coaster than the merry-go-round." "The climbs feel easy with a triple crank-like walking up stairs." "Doing all 3 gives a person bragging rights." David Hooper from Bel Air, MD, is 62 years old and he did all 3 optional climbs. I believe most club members can do this ride. They should do it at least once to prove that they are competent bicyclists. Swamp Church Road has a 22 percent grade at one small section next to the green house. This is the steepest paved public road in Lancaster County. But a few other roads in the county are close with 17 through 21 percent grades. On this ride we go down the steepest part. The Nightmare Ride from Dream Ride Projects goes up the steepest part. Later, bicyclists must go down the other side without a coating reward and brake all the way down towards stop sign at the bottom of the hill. This year I gave myself extra speed after the right curve and coasted faster. Swamp Church Road has 2 humps which made my bike airborne at 2 places. What a thrill! I hope Millcreek Township repaves upper part of Cocalico Road next year. Then we can coast at 55 mph for more than a mile. Riders: Reuben Weaver (leader), Paul Yatabe, John Ericson, Steve Cranford, Damon Schlott, Scott Wagner, Tom Hunt, Kyle Awkerman, Ken Stadden, Mark Buckwalter, Tom Rauba, Ed Fearnow, Marlin Hess, Dave Eyster, Paul Smeltz, Ken Lessans, Barry Lavender, Heidi Hendrix, David Hooper, and non-LBC member Kary Zimmerman.

Another D-Lightful Ride (D) Sept 17
Four new LBC members said they had ridden 2-4 Xs already and enjoyed the experience, so returned today for yet another ride. That is great!! Amy, Linda W., Chris and Greg, we welcome your returns. Welcome also to Lara, who is east from Seattle, WA visiting her family here. At our refreshment stop at SKH, we chatted with Bob Colton, wearing non-cycling clothes, who was on a grocery errand. Group stayed together. Good ride for all. Judy Hurlbut (leader), Alan Hurlbut (sweep), Amy Mitchell, Phil & Linda Wright, Harry Campbell, Ed Mowery, Chris & Greg Mayfield, Connie Simmons, John Gantz, Linda Weber, Irene Camp and non-member Lara Rowell.

Terre Hill Ride (A) Sept 17
Riders: Mike Lutz (leader), Curtis Palmer, Tim Good, Matt London, Jerre Hockenbrocht, Andy Charles, Diane Lausman, Neil Fickes and non-LBC members Robert Heinz and Justin Binkley

Stackstown Spin (C) Sept. 17
Despite a foggy start, the visibility improved quickly as the sun made brief appearances throughout the morning. We thought at first that John Peregoy was disappearing in the fog and reappearing with the sun until we realized that he seemed to know all the shortcuts around the hills. The group maintained a brisk pace with only a brief rest stop at the airport to wait for stragglers. Riders: Candae Deen (leader), Don Whitehead, Lew Hershey, Bill Ambler, Nancy Ambler, Roger Sheaffer, Lou Gray, John Peregoy, Dave Kessler, Jim Wentz, Gary Musser, and non-LBC member Jack Hohenadel.

Sylly Bee (B) Sept 18
As predicted, the group broke apart right out of the parking lot and about half of us tried to stay together. But after a wrong turn or two, that group broke up as well. All-in-all it was a beautiful day to be out on the bike. I can't imagine there will be too many left this year. Riders: John Renard (leader), Steve Gerber, Steve Mazeski, Joe Knepper, Matt London, Jodi Myers, Dorothy Weber, Michelle Bingham, Rich Wagner, Andy Charles, Jack Bingham, John Donati, Cindy Davis, Tim Good, Drew Becker, Randy Haluck, Candae Deen, Diane Lausman, Tammie Calabrese, Bob Davis, and Dave Kessler.

Tour de Marietta (B) Sept 18
Riders: John Mullineaux (leader), Lew Hershey, Tim Good, Rick Shoup, Kathy Brugh, Warren Buch, Lou Gray, and Billy Ressell.

Chickies Creek (Long) (C) Sept 18
It was a warm, sunny afternoon. We welcomed 2 new members, Matt & Nate. Judy Flowers got a flat on arrival at the school and phoned her husband to pick her up but when we stopped at Sheetz for a break she rode in out of breath. Her husband had replaced her tire & tube so she raced to catch up with us. There was a small group that broke away early in the ride. I made some changes to the route to keep us off busy, main roads. Fifteen of us rode and finished the ride together. Riders: Rachel Kreider (leader), Sylvia Newcomer (sweep), Gary Musser, Rose Ward, Nancy Youst, John Peregoy, Joe Sears, Jen Stover, Valerie Rohrer, Judy Hockenbrocht, Jerre Hockenbrocht, Carol Weisser, Reuben Weaver, John Gantz, Philip Wright, Linda Wright, Pam Klingensmith, Steve Holland, Matt Daggett, Nate Daggett, Joe Robinson, Judy Flowers, and Carl Kreider.

Donegal Delight (C) Sept 18
Everybody started together and finished together. The only flat tire conveniently occurred while we were stopped for our break at the Masonic Home. Riders: John Peregoy (leader), Dan Duda, Bob Brader, Roger Sheaffer, Mary Stadden, Bill Crawford, Jeff DeLong, Pearl DeLong, and Kevin Weber.

Short Ride to Intercourse (D) Sept 18
It was a beautiful morning for a ride and three new riders joined us. Jodi and Bryan Long and Will Schreiber. It was a big day for Will who, with this ride, earned his Boy Scout merit badge for cycling. He promised to remember us, the little people, when he wins his first Tour de France. Riders: John Rohrkemper (leader), Pam Tronsor (sweep), Harry Campbell, Marsha Chamberlain, Jonas Fisher, Amy Mitchell, Judy Hurlbut, and non-LBC members: Jodi Long, Bryan Long, and Will Schreiber.

Three Lakes Loop (A) Sept 23
The ride should have played out by the typical Vuelta playbook. An arduous mountain stage the day before leaves everyone with tired legs so the pace eases up, right? Well, so much for the playbook. The day after many riders suffered through all the options on Rueben's Revenge, Damon Schlott designed a lung busting, lactic acid churning, wheel sucking if you are lucky, EPO injecting kind of a day. Damon sadly lost a member of his family just before the ride, so everyone understood when he graciously dropped off cue sheets to tend to issues with the vet. As leader by default (my windshield held the sign in sheet) we trudged off on a ride none of us had ever done before. Several non LBC members just back from successful European or Domestic Pro campaigns joined the regulars for a serious hammer fest. Dwayne "Redwood Legs" Clinton pummeled Dale "the Diesel" Burkholder into submission only at the end. Several wrong turns and long climbs proved enough to wither the peloton into 3 suffering groups. Rich "lantern rouge" Kita was doing an admirable job until he realized that at least one of the riders was a former professional, which may have broken his spirit, but not his effort… good job! Luckily Michele "the ego crusher" Bote and Karen "I only raced once this year" Weissmann had no trouble not only keeping up, but easily pulled myself and Scott "beam me up… front" Wagner back to the lead group as we got dropped near the Middle Creek Reservoir. Barry "Hill Killer" Lavender used everyone's exhaustion to his advantage and somehow never tired at the front. Tim Ihrig, Rich Lehman, and Mike Lutz rode like "Navigators" and had the wherewithal to follow the cue sheet correctly to keep us on track. I had a flat just under the 10 km kite, so next year I am going to have a word with my director sportif about checking my tires before the stage, as the flat and maybe just one more watt (yeah right) were just enough to keep me from finishing with the leaders. I am amazed to report that our average speed was a slow 17+ mph, but considering all the pulls, climbs, wrong turns and incredibly strong talent in the peloton, everyone still agreed this was a great ride worth repeating. Riders: Ken Lessans (default leader), Tim Ihrig, Dale Burkholder, Scott Wagner, Mike Lutz, Barry Lavender, Rick Lehman, Dwayne Clinton, Bob Vaillancourt, Karen Weissmann, Michelle Bote, and Rich Kita.

CVHS Morgantown (A) Sept 24
Riders: Brian Mitchell (leader), Jim Weaver, Jerre Hockenbrocht, Mark Buckwalter, Dirk Suereth, Tom Rauba, Andy Charles, Andrew Mead, John Donati, Patricia Rohrbeck, Marlin Hess, Barry Lavender, Paul Swarm, Ken Lessans, Scott Wagner, Diane Lausman.

New East Pete to E-town Sept 24
Riders: Jeff DeLong (leader), Pearl DeLong (sweep), John Mullineaux, Dave Kessler, Candae Deen, Lou Gray, Don Whitehead, Randy Haluck, Mark Ward, Jon Deibler, Lew Hershey and Larry Keating.

Chicken Barn Ride (C) Sept 24
Riders: John Peregoy (leader), Rose Ward, Mary Stadden, John Gantz, and Heidi Hendrix.

New Holland Dutch Ride (B) Sep 24
Damon and Ellis were kind enough to slow down to a 14 mph pace so that the leader could stay with the group. Thanks guys. Riders: Gary Musser (leader), Damon Schlott, Ellis Beattie

Chickies Creek Long (D) Sep 24
Cool, windy weather brought out lots of riders. One new rider-welcome to Jack Mentzer. Sylvia left early. Everyone else made it and arrived back all together. Good pace at 11.8 mph. Riders: Phil Wright (leader), Dottie Sheehy (sweep), Harry Campbell, Linda Wright, Mary Boulanger, Anne Schleef, Alan Hurlbut, Judy Hurlbut, Chris Mayfield, Greg Mayfield, Elca Swigart, Marilyn Gelsinger, Suzie Lehman, Amy Mitchell, Sylvia Newcomer, Irene Camp, Craig Shaubach, Jonas Fisher, Larry Sherman, and non-LBC member Jack Mentzer.

Northern Exposure (B) Sept 25
Riders: John Mullineaux (leader), Ed Gower, Lou Gray and Dirk Suereth.

Farmersville Frolic (C Ride) Sept 25
A dozen-plus riders showed up on a dreary but rainless morning for a fairly flat frolic to Farmersville and back. Joe Knepper didn't even make it out of the parking lot without experiencing the "flat" part, so he opted to change the tube and catch up with the frolickers later. Fortunately, he found a shortcut that enabled him to catch the lead group so he could "frolic" with them. The rest of us happened upon Andy Smith from Lititz at the rest stop, and he rode with us briefly. Shortly after that we picked up Brian Mitchell. Brian overslept and missed the A ride, so he just hopped on his bike in Denver and raced on down to New Holland to catch the C ride. (NOT.) We were grateful to have him and Andy pull us in the wind for awhile! Several riders from the D group decided to try their first C ride today and did a great job keeping the pace - hope to see them again soon on a C ride. Riders: Candae Deen (leader), Don Whitehead (sweep), Rich Wagner, Michael Riggi, Penny Kulp, Steve Mazeski, Dave Kessler, Pearl DeLong, Joe Knepper, Lew Hershey, Carol Bowers, Randy Haluck, Tom Mellinger, Jim Drumm, Erik Fromen, Brian Mitchell.

Pedals to Preserve (Short) Sept 25
Riders: John Peregoy (leader), Marilyn Gelsinger (sweep), Gary Musser, Judy Flowers, Celeste Neuhard, Mary Stadden, and Bill Ressel. .

Bird in Hand Long (D) Sep 25
Cool weather but no rain. Two brand new riders. Welcome to Jim and John. Jeff was back with new youngest rider. Jeff was a recumbent. Sadie was riding her mom's bike. They make it about five miles. Sadie did great for her first try! The rest of us rode on over hill and dale. Back together at 3:30 p.m. Riders: Phil Wright (leader), Alta Nolt (sweep), Anne Schleef, Linda Wright, Steve Holland, John Gantz, Jonas Fisher, Chris Mayfield, Greg Mayfield, Jim Drumm, Steven Mentzer, Ellen Koppenhafer and non-LBC members, Tim ?, John McBeth, Jeff Fitch, and Sadie March.

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