Top Travel Destinations: Best Places to Visit in the USA

Can you name at least one person who has never once dreamed of moving or traveling to America? No? Because there is no such person. America is full of sights worth seeing at least once in your life. But if you don’t have enough money or time to visit everything, you should focus on the places you should visit first.


Walk of Fame

There are some places in Los Angeles that you can’t pass by, or not see. “Walk of Fame” is just such a place. A series of sidewalks, in which five-pointed stars with the names of celebrities are embedded, on both sides of the streets, stretching for 18 blocks. Today, the Walk of Fame has more than 2,500 nameplates!

It is better to see it once than to hear and see a lot. It is interesting to walk along the alley – to look at the stars, to look around, to be involved in the game of street artists. There’s a good feeling that “I’ve been here”!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge, or Golden Gate Bridge, is San Francisco’s most important landmark. At first, it may seem like nothing special, a bridge is just a bridge. But when you are near it, you understand that it is very photogenic from every point of view and has some magic, every second picture you can hang on the wall

The bridge has sad fame – the bridge of suicides. The symbol of the city magically attracts people who want to end their lives beautifully. Since 1937, more than 1,200 cases of suicide jumpers have been accurately reported, with only a couple dozen people surviving.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a unique geological site, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Seven Wonders of the World.

The canyon is up to 2 km deep and 446 km long, located in Arizona (USA) on the Colorado Plateau.

At the bottom of the formation wriggles rushing river. According to scientists, this is the river that had been washing the soil for millions of years. With its strong current, it has sculpted bizarre figures, rocky towers, caves from various rocks of the earth’s crust.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho

Yellowstone National Park, one of the most visited parks in America, is located in the north of the country, in three states – Wyoming (96%), Montana (3%), and Idaho (1%). The park is famous for its wildlife: hot springs, waterfalls, rich wildlife, and scenic landscapes. But the main attraction of the park – geysers, of which there are several hundred. Especially famous are Old Faithful geysers, which not only ejects a column of hot water up to 42 m high and 90.4 °C every 50-70 minutes but is also one of the most beautiful geysers of the park and the geyser “Giant”, which at an interval of three days brings a column of hot water with a height of 91 m and a temperature of 94.8 °C.