What Is Patient Engagement and How Can Automated Appointment Reminders Help?

With improvements in technology, patients spend less and less time in medical offices. They are most of their time at work or going about their normal daily routine. To maintain your clients, you need to engage them continuously while they are out of your property.

Patient engagement is not a foreign word in the service industry. It involves continuous communication with the client to increase his or her confidence in your services as well as increase the clients’ knowledge of their condition.

Patient appointment reminder software can play an important role when it comes to patient engagement. Such software is used by medical practices to communicate with patients on a regular basis. Either through the use of mail or text messages, patients can not only schedule or reschedule their appointments but can also receive critical messages on their health condition.

How Can Automated Appointment Reminders Help?

As stated earlier, the time that the patient is spending in your office is very minimal. But that doesn’t mean you cannot engage them as they go about their normal activities of the day. One tool that is highly recommended is the automated appointment reminders. Here’s how you can have personalized and relevant communication with your clients.

Improving the patient experience

Studies have shown that most patients prefer to receive reminders via texts or emails than via calls. This is because the same patients could be engaged by work or other activities during the day. And therefore, a call could be highly distractive.

Instead of heading over to the practice’s office to receive updates, a simple text via a patient reminder automated service will do. With such a service implemented, patients can receive information about their blood pressure, prescriptions, and follow-up appointments through a simple message.

Scheduling of appointments

Appointments scheduling has always been a bone of contention between patients and doctors. An automated appointment reminder service is the solution a practice needs for this. Reminders come attached with links where patients can quickly and easily confirm or reschedule their appointments.

On the other side, doctors will be able to work around rescheduled appointments and slot in other patients. This becomes a win-win situation for both parties where the patient receives quality service and the practice is also to bring in that extra income.

Quality service by your staff

The service industry is very competitive at the moment. One of the criteria used to measure institutions is the quality of service. An automated reminder service frees up your staff, as they don’t have to send out thousands of texts and make calls for the better part of the day.

This allows them to offer personalized services to patients and interact well. With such quality service, clients are guaranteed to enjoy your services.

Interested in installing an automated appointment reminder service in your medical practice? Give us a call or send an email today. You can enjoy all the savings and benefits that come with such a service.