Hacks to Instantly Blow up Your Instagram

Instagram has grown to be popular among a lot of people, and people are always willing to grow their accounts to whatever extent it takes. A well-developed account can earn you money through social media marketing, social media influence, and collaborations.

Influencers have admitted to blowing up their accounts using the Instagram growth service. Such include groups that assist you to gain followers, algorithms that determine the time you are likely to gain more followers, and accounts you can join their live sessions for followers’ growth.

Here, we will highlight social media hacks you can use to boost your account. They are natural proven methods, and they have worked for a majority of people and their accounts, whether for personal use or business purposes.

Use trending hashtags


Hashtags are created by algorithms to ensure people of common interest on social media find each other. For example, there is a trending topic, and you join in, if you use a trending hashtag, everyone using that hashtag can see what you have written.

If your content is relational and interesting, you will have people visit your profile and gain more followers in the process. Trending topics change with time, and you can jump into any of the topics that best suit your contribution to the matter.

In the process of engaging with trending content, send messages to those who like your content by asking them to follow you or like your page.

Use edited photos

Unique photos often get more likes and end up being recommended to people who do not follow you. Always ensure your photos are edited and the best before posting them. This way, you can have more people visit your account to see your content.

Instagram unlike other social media platforms such as Twitter always incorporated photos. And the competition can be high. So, you need to come up with bomb photos to gain more likes and followers.

Share your content across different platforms

Use your other accounts to gain followers on your Instagram. Share a link to your profile and encourage people to follow you. Alternatively, share one of your posts on apps linked to your Instagram accounts, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. You will notice these apps are managed by Meta, allowing users to post similar content across these platforms.

On your other social media platforms, link your Instagram handle. To make this easier, create a link that can redirect someone when they click the link. This strategy enables people who follow you let’s say on Facebook to follow you on Instagram.

Work with influencers

Influencer accounts always have a lot of followers. Hence, you can approach an influencer and ask to collaborate with them. This way, they can encourage their followers to follow you and in turn gain more followers.

Work within your niche

The easiest way to find followers is having relational content. If you post content relating to financial advice, stick to it and let people find you.